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Industry experience: Corporate, Government, and Technology. Helping post-high school students, college majors, and professionals alike develop a career and wellness blueprint for growth and to thrive.



With 20+ years of networking experience across varied industries, I invite you to step out of your comfort zone to ACE the Networking Game webinar for virtual or remote environments.


All aboard as we embark upon creative storytelling workshops to inspire empathy, emotions, and insights to Unveil Human Stories on our journey to meaningful experiences.


Post-pandemic, wellness has become equally if not more important than salary. During this keynote, let’s build a Work Harmony Toolbox to infuse more career and wellness balance for the road ahead.

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Hello, nice to meet you!​

I am an Author and Speaker for Career Innovation, Storytelling, and Wellness communities.

I help post-high school students, college majors, and professionals alike craft career and wellness strategies to grow and thrive in life. Let’s get started!

Cynthia Jenkins

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Cynthia and I worked…to execute our first hybrid annual Professional Development Symposium (PDS). As an exceptional communicator [she is very organized] and knowledgeable in learning development. We received… “Highly Satisfied” post-event survey rating. She was always very motivating and professional during a time when fears of COVID-19 still existed…I highly recommend her…
Jennifer M. Christian
Vice-President of Administration for NBMBAA-ATL
Cynthia Jenkins…developed an… eLearning, self-directed, hybrid curriculum model for a statewide [mental health] project. [As a] subject matter expert in developing an…immersive experience for learners, she values diversity, equity, and inclusion, and studies ways she can implement those standards into her work.
Annie Powell
CEO Recovering Communities
Cynthia’s…human focus to the characters in the role-play shone through. Her [writing] skills were invaluable in ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion were embedded and represented in the scenario. Her human-centered focused design has led to…the high-regard she is viewed by clients and colleagues.
Eric Bluestein
CEO of Cudzu Creative
I met Cynthia "CJ" Jenkins on an ATD Atlanta, Community of Practice Zoom meeting that she led. I was instantly impressed with the content she shared and her facilitation skills. She made the meeting so interactive it was as if we were in person. She has the capacity and the energy to help you navigate any challenge while making you believe in your self-worth.
Anita Bryant
Instructional Designer at Global Payments
Cynthia is very talented in developing management, diversity, leadership and STEAM programs. Her work product reveals a combination of business acumen, strong work ethic, follow-through, and innovative design thinking…What a joy to work with an unforgettable learning facilitator, a trusted advisor, and a creative problem solver!
Stacey Middlebrooks
Chief Empowerment Officer at Purpose Powered Coaching
I met Cynthia many years ago while facilitating Randstad’s award-winning program for underserved and at-risk women, Hire Hope. Cynthia was warm and welcoming; she brought with her an empathetic energy that penetrated the atmosphere with hope and accomplishment. Jenkins’ passionate enthusiasm to connect and embrace each individual, left me excited and recharged. What a wonderful asset to our program! She connects fully with her audience and brings with her a wealth of knowledge she so freely gives to anyone seeking assistance.
Vickie Owenby
Randstad US Human Resource Program Manager
Cynthia and I were co-presenters at the Georgia State Bar Association's annual Solo and Small Firm Conference. Cynthia really shined in the classroom. She is relate-able, builds rapport with the audience, and brings potentially dry subjects to life. I believe she would excel at this one-on-one as well.
Charity Anastasio
Cynthia has emerged as wise provider and builder of leaders. While working with only a segment of Georgia lawyers, Cynthia has been able to create a thirst for more leadership development and training on the part of firm owners. The passion and depth Cynthia displayed in delivering key ideas to her legal audience was immediately felt, and the impact has led to a reorganization of some of the key training models.
Natalie Kelley
Director of Legal Management
As a prior member of the Fulton County Juvenile Drug Court Team (Choices Program) I had the pleasure to work with… Cynthia [who delivered] hands on, professional and most importantly; engaging when working with our young people. She has an uncanny way of educating our young people while exposing and educating them in important life skill lessons.
Charles Stroud
CEO & Founder
I was so impressed with her speaking abilities that I promptly recruited her to conduct a training/presentation for GAP's 2010 Career Seminar. As expected, Cynthia wowed the attendees with her presentation and got very high marks for her positive stage presence, high energy level, charismatic personality, humorous presentation style as well as valuable training content. Cynthia has that rare talent to connect with her audience and to lift them to a higher level of achievement.
Patty Dietz-Selke
Cynthia is a very engaging speaker that demonstrates a thorough knowledge of any topic that she is asked to facilitate. Cynthia accepted our invitation to speak to a group of legal and corporate professionals about the pursuits of higher education and entrepreneurship. Her presentation was thought-provoking and inspired our guests based upon the feedback that we received after each event. Cynthia is a class act.
Cynthia Bynum
Executive Director of the Justice Alliance for Greater Georgia
Cynthia provided training to our employees and I’ve worked with her to successfully organize several more of these events. She has over 10 years’ experience in an educational setting and also multiple years of providing training at corporations training departments. In all my interactions she has been efficient, professional, organized, and a fantastic speaker and presenter.
Miles Smith
Oracle Corporation
Cynthia presented an energetic and engaging seminar at my company for the Career Development network. The response was positive and rewarding. She was one of the favorite speakers…she took time to listen…and offer practical suggestions and provide another training for our department, Risk Management. She is an effective communicator who managed a diverse and challenging audience. Her people skills stand…she always takes a personal interest.
Betsy Johnson
Cox Enterprises

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